Before you play

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Lay one hand, palm downwards, on a piece of paper and draw around your fingers. Number the fingers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 starting with ‘1’ for each thumb. Do the same for the other hand. Remember, your thumbs are both ‘1’

Hold both hands in front of you, palms downwards, with fingers extended, and ask a friend to touch different fingers at random. Practice to see how quickly you can say the (correct !) number of the finger

Now you are ready to play a tune. If you are unsure how a song goes listen to the recording of it on this website. It is a good idea to try and sing the words as you are listening. This will help you to learn the melody. Once you know how a song goes you are ready to try and play it.

For each song, a keyboard map shows you where to put the fingers of each hand. Pick a set of notes in the middle of your keyboard and position each of your fingers carefully. Once your hands are in position they do not move. Note that the hand positions for each song may be different.
When your hands are in position on the keyboard, read the song chart from left to right pushing the keys under the fingers indicated. Notes to be played by the right hand are written in red above the line. Notes to be played by the left hand are written in lime green below the line. To help you keep time, rhythmical details are suggested by the amount of space between consecutive finger numbers. Once you can play a tune, try singing the words as you play.