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There are two No Notes® titles, Children’s Songs and Blues Primer. No Notes® Children’s Songs is a book of twenty familiar children’s favourites, complete with words and delightful illustrations. Beginners have fun learning to use all the fingers and thumbs of both hands to make musical phrases. They also quickly build valuable confidence in their ability to read and play written music.

No Notes® Blues Primer is an easy and fun way to start playing blues keyboard music.  In just sixteen, single-page Steps absolute beginners learn how to play a twelve bar blues, including familiar bluesy riffs and grooves, straight-8s and swing feels, and how to use the jazz scale.

Download TWO free No Notes® song sheets now! (below)

This song is from No Notes® Children’s Songs.

Listen to Children’s Songs here.

This is the first of sixteen Steps taken from No Notes® Blues Primer.

Listen to each Step of the Blues Primer here.