Practice hints

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Try to sing the words as you play the tune

Sing the phrase you are about to practise before attempting to play it

Play with a friend. One of you plays the right-hand part and the other plays the left-hand part. Probably, for reasons of seating comfort, one of you will be playing with the ‘wrong’ hand (e.g. you will play a left-hand part with your right hand). If so, remember to read all 1s as 5s, all 2s as 4s, and vice versa

Try not to look at your hands when you play. Your fingers will work without you watching

Say the finger numbers of the tune out loud as you play

Remember, it is easier to play slowly

Try to memorise tunes and then play with your eyes closed. It can be easier to play expressively this way

Know how a song goes before you try to play it. Listen to it free on this website. Try to sing the words as you listen to the tune

Once you can play the first line of a song do not keep repeating. Instead, move on to the second line, and then the third and so on. You will learn the while song more quickly.