Why No Notes?

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Keyboard beginners want to do two things.  They want to HAVE FUN playing familiar songs, melodies, riffs and grooves.  And they want to MAKE PROGRESS developing foundation keyboard skills including:

  • having a practical familiarity with the layout of a keyboard;
  • learning to play using all fingers and thumbs;
  • being able to play different patterns with each hand at the same time;
  • reading music, playing with a beat, and playing musically. 

Although beginners are often taught using standard music notation, it is easier, and more fun, to focus on foundation keyboard skills using No Notes® piano tablature which shows where to put your hands, which fingers to use and when to play them.

No Notes® music is so very easy to understand that absolute beginners can concentrate on learning to play favourite melodies, riffs and grooves musically.  No Notes®’ simplicity also enables beginners quickly to build valuable confidence in their ability to read and play written music.  And since No Notes® music is based on standard notation, No Notes® beginners are well prepared for standard notation in due course.

Most keyboard starter books ask beginners, too soon, to do too many things at the same time.  No Notes® music is a simplified form of music notation designed to help absolute beginners bridge the gap between knowing nothing and having the ability to read and play standard music notation.  No Notes® music helps beginners develop confidence quickly in their ability to make both satisfying music and progress.  No Notes® graduates know from experience that learning challenging new musical skills is both possible and fun.